Pir Hunter ( PCC ) waz here and Got your Security !

Pak Cyber Crews Terminal ( Pir Hunter ( PCC ) )

./Admin@r00t:~$ Hacked By Pir Hunter ( PCC )
./Admin@r00t:~$ Login in ------------
./Admin@r00t:~$ Loading.................. Success
./Admin@r00t:~$ Your Server Security Break by Pir Hunter ( PCC )
./Admin@r00t:~$ Well Nice site!. nothing harm and no delete your files
./Admin@r00t:~$ There are many pending warranty quires.
./Admin@r00t:~$ But you havenot response positively to their customers.

./Admin@r00t:~$ I alert the indian Programmer & Developer so keep tight you security Now ( Pir Hunter ( PCC ) ) has come..Good Bye

./Admin@r00t:~$ Shutdown-- TaTaTaTaTaTaTa

./Admin@r00t:~$ Shutdown -r now

./Admin@r00t:~$ reboot
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